If you’re here, then it’s safe to say that after reading a few of my posts, you’ve noticed that some of my word choices are a bit unfamiliar to you. Which is one hundred percent okay! Language and how we use it are constantly changing and so I’ve compiled a list of terminology that is commonly used in the world of Fan Fiction and the Kpop Fandom.

I hope this helps!

Fan Fiction Terms:


A short version of saying Alternate Universe. This is typically used when describing what genre your story falls under.

Ex. I’m writing a College AU! centered around BTS.


On Tumblr, you can privately message someone or send them an Ask that can be publicly answered and be viewed on their blog. An Ask can be sent either anonymously or publicly.


Short for, collaboration. These can be formed between solely two writers, or a whole group of writers who are working together on writing along the lines of one specific theme, but each create their own individual story.


A social media app that can be accessed on computers as well, that acts as a group chat for multiple people to talk to each other.


An abbreviated version of Fiction, typically used in reference of a story you are reading or the piece you’re currently writing.

Ex. Did you read the new Fic that was posted last night? or I just started writing this new Fic and can’t wait to post it.


A story that is very soft and emotional can be considered Fluff.


On Tumblr instead of ‘liking’ a post, you give it a ‘heart’.


Short for Kakao Talk, a popular instant messaging app in South Korea that’s available in 15 languages,

Master List:

Usually a page that contains all work written by the writer.


Another term to define a friend or someone you interact with on daily basis, specifically on Tumblr.


A blog that has specific requirements and will hold Applications for writers to apply to, and if they are accepted, are considered a Writer for that Network. The Network will usually have a page dedicated to all their Authors and will have a specific tag for Authors to use on their Fics. They will then reblog the Fic when it meets their requirements on to the Network blog which will be read by a larger audience.


An acronym which stands for, Not Safe For Work. A story that is labelled NSFW is highly suggested to not be read out in public for it contains graphic scenes, usually gore or smut.


An abbreviation that stands for Porn Without Plot. When an Author uses this term it means that there is little to no plot in the story and that it is 99.9% porn.


A story that contains sexual elements or involves sex.


An acronym which stands for, Safe For Work. A story that is labelled SFW is perfectly safe to read while out in public and doesn’t contain any graphic scenes at all.

Kpop Fandom Terms:


Korean Pop Music


A term used to reference a single member from a Kpop group or to refer to a group of Kpop stars without mentioning their names or group name.

Ex. SM Entertainment is well known for producing some of the most famous Idols in South Korea.


To feel a sudden rush of emotions or feelings over a piece of writing or picture of your favorite group or Idol.

Ex. Oh my god. The feels are EVERYWHERE


An acronym for the Fandom name for BTS’s fans. Its stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth.


Choosing a group to specifically learn more and invest more interest – and occasionally money – into a certain group or artist.

Ex. I stan BTS


A bias is a person’s favorite member in a group.

Ex. BamBam from Got7 is my bias.

Ultimate Bias:

No matter how many times a person switches who their bias is, there is one member who they always go back to admiring.

Ex. I love all of BTS, but Yoongi’s my Ultimate Bias.

Bias Wrecker:

This is the member of a group who teases and tries to get a fan to switch who their bias is.

Ex. Yoongi is my bias but Jimin keeps swerving out of his lane and is tempting me. He’s my bias wrecker.