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The Writer’s Hiatus

Within Fan Fiction – and especially on Tumblr as of late – Writers have been signing off on there due to many reasons. Sometimes it’s personal, sometimes it’s due to work or school reasons, or other times they’ve just lost interest in writing for that specific fandom. There are many reasons for why a Fan Fic Writer may suddenly leave their accounts, or even go on temporary hiatus for a while.

With that being said, the inevitable has occurred.

It’s not that I’m going to stop completely writing, it’s just that I am in desperate need of a break.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back – most likely after I slipped a few days spent doing nothing but catching up on all the sleep I’ve lost these last few months into my sleeve – but in the meantime, I’ll still be active on my own personal Tumblr blog, so if you love deep late night conversations and gifs of dorks who happen to be in Kpop groups, along with the occasional Fic that I put out, then you’ll know where to find me and my fellow Kpop Fan Fic Writers as well.

It’s been a pleasure to tell the story about what it’s like to be a writer within the Fan Fiction community. The everyday tasks that go into Fan Fiction writing aren’t usually discussed, but to be able to talk – or even rant – about them, was like breathing fresh air, and I personally can’t wait to delve back into my own writing. Fan Fiction, and my own original stories.

Until next time.

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my biggest writing fears (and how to kick ’em)

As a writer, it’s easy to forget that the things that you’re feeling – your very worries and fears – aren’t just happening to you, but to everyone else as well.

Words and Other Malarky

It snowed last night. That’s right. On October 28th. And I don’t live up north, either. I live in the Midwest, where this isn’t really supposed to happen before November. Granted it didn’t stick to the ground, it was still undeniably white and fluffy.

It’s supposed to snow on Halloween, too. Gah!

Speak of the devil, we’re two days away, and this is my last post of Spooktober (or Blogtober, as I should’ve called it, because that would’ve made more sense… but I digress). I’ve had a lot of spooky fun this season, though very little of it has involved leaving the house. Well, as the saying goes, “There’s no place like living room couch.”

Friday is the start of NaNoWriMo, and you best believe I’m participating this year. School had prevented me from really committing to it in the past, but now that I am free from those academic…

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Why I Love Reading Fanfictions (+Some Recs!)

I love the reasons that are listed for why the author loves reading Fan Fiction, especially the part on where they discuss how you’re able to meet people who have similar interests.


Hello guys! I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, but never have the chance to do it. With me being in a reading slump, I think there’s no time like the present for me to post it!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have seen me talked quite a lot of times that when I’m in a reading slump, I always go to fanfictions to get back to my reading mood. If you’ve ever been in a fandom or well-versed in the pop culture internet, chances are you’ve heard about them. They are very popular as it allows us, the fans, to reimagined characters, situations, and plots to our liking. The most popular places to read them are and, but you can also found them on wattpad, tumblr, and even deviantArt.

You may hate it or you may love…

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10 Reasons Unpublished Writers Need Social Media

Even though we write for different platforms, M.L. Davis gives some really insightful reasons for creating and maintaining social media as writers!

Uninspired Writers

Social media. It’s fair to say that this area of the internet has the good, the bad and the ugly. I’m only here to focus on the good, but within a very specific part of the social media world; the online writing community. 

So, why do I believe that, like me, unpublished authors should be active online? Is it for promotion? To find people who might one day buy your books? I always thought that’s why people suggested it but…no. Arguably, the answer is also yes, but all the followers in the world won’t guarantee you book sales. No, there are so many more wonderful reasons. Take a look:

Encouragement and Support
When I joined the writing community a few years ago, I knew I was entering a world of like minded people. I knew there’d be decent people, with big hearts, who wanted to succeed, but see others succeed…

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The Briefest Kpop History Lesson Ever and Viral Fan Fiction.

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year of two – which is totally cool if that’s your thing and something you enjoy – you’ve most likely heard of this new music genre, Kpop.

*cue the crickets chirping.*

Well that’s okay, because I’m about explain it for you. Now before I do that, you’re probably wondering why I’m going to explain it, when there’s this really cool power point presentation included in this post. The power point you see down below covers Kpop from when it first came about with Seo Taiji and Boys in 1991 all the way to the latest generation of Kpop groups and everything in between and personally, I don’t want to bore you with an overload of information. I’ll just be focusing on a small part in this post.

But if you do check out the power point then you are a totally awesome person because Kayla and I worked our asses off on it!

So what is Kpop?

I briefly mentioned it at the end of my last post – and described in my Lingo section – but Kpop is simply, Korean Pop music. And it originates from – you guessed it – South Korea.

The music however does simply consist of just pop music. The way I like to describe Kpop is like an Umbrella.. Kpop is at the tippity top but underneath it fall all these subgenres: Rock, pop, edm, rap, hip hop, groups, solo artists, Kpop bands, etc.

Just an FYI, each link will bring you to a song that I thought best fits as an example of that genre!

One specific Kpop group that’s been in the public and the news for the last year or two, is BTS also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan. Debuting in 2013 and a 7 member group, it was only in 2017 when they were invited to the Billboard Music Awards that they began to get the coverage that they deserved.

As much as I will try to not be bias, I admit that when it comes to BTS, my point of view is in their favor.

Now what do they sound like? Well, BTS has an array of music ranging from Hip Hop from their earlier days to pop songs to even mixing them. I’ve included one of my favorite songs by them, Outro: Tear from their Love Yourself: Tear album that was released in 2018, but you can also check out their various music on YouTube as well.

BTS’s fan base is known as ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth, and this fandom does not shy away from supporting the group and creating content. Fan made videos, gifs, paintings, drawings, mood boards, and fan fiction, are created on the daily that draw on inspiration from the members themselves, their music, or theories from that are created from the universe BTS has created in their albums and music videos.

Their Fandom is so large and on multiple platforms, (Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and now Tick Tok) that it’s not surprising if you stumble upon even an ad of BTS. But in 2018, a Fan Fic of BTS went viral.

That’s right, a Fan Fiction about BTS, made by a fan and was posted on Twitter, went viral. To the point that Billboard wrote an article on it, as well as popular online news sites such as Newsweek and Koreaboo.

It was called Outcast, a Horror!AU by @flirtaus and was an interactive story that lasted from January 3rd and ended on January 8th. Fans were able to interact and chose the outcomes via polls that the author created and she would continue writing/creating the story with the winning choice. Overnight the author ended up with having as many as 419.5k followers after the first night of the story.

I had even been following Outcast, anxiously waiting for each update and for the polls, checking the timers to see if our choices would save our characters (the members of BTS) or lead them to an unknown harm. It was honestly the most nerve wracking story I ever read and participated in.

The majority of Twitter and Tumblr knew her as @flirtaus, but her name is Makayla and what was the biggest shock of all was that she was only 15 years old when she created Outcast. However, things didn’t turn out good for the young author. As much praise and love for her work and creativity, she ended up having to deactivate her Twitter account due to bullying and racist tweets that “fans” were sending her.

(If you are viewing the images on the web, you have to click on them to read them.)

Just because you are a part of a Fandom, does not mean that you are safe from online bullying and racist comments. As someone who is a part of this fandom, I’ve seen both sides of what it’s like to be a part of something that’s bigger than you are, especially when you’re the one creating the content. I’ve seen the good, and then the bad like Makayla experienced and sadly, it’s not the first or the last time it’s happened. This is also – as terrible as this sounds – not the worst thing to happen to a Fan Fic author.

While you may think that being a Fan and writing Fan Fiction is no big deal, that it’s all fun and making friends, it’s not. It’s also putting yourself out there and when people don’t like what you make, they’re not afraid to tell you. If you make one giant mistake, they’ll point it out and push you in a corner you didn’t know existed.

And this isn’t the last time I’m going to talk about it.

Welcome to the life of a Fan Fiction author, you’re about to get the shock of a lifetime.

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I am a Fangirl, Who Writes Fan Fiction, and I’m Proud.

What is Fan Fiction?

Well, let’s break it down. A fan is someone who strongly admires a celebrity, athlete, or musician. It means that you support them in their endeavors and tend to keep up to date with their on-goings.

Keep in mind I am not describing a stalker, that’s completely different and a big no no.

Fiction, is a literary genre that is found in novels, short stories, and tends to be made up of events that don’t take place in reality, worlds that don’t exist, and involve characters who don’t exist.

Basically a lot of fake stuff written down that everyone tends to eat up like candy.

Now bring those two words together and we have, Fan Fiction. These are stories that have fictional events occur but instead of having a cast of characters who are fictional, the main character – and sometimes the supporting characters – are based on celebrities that the author admires or loves.

It’s a Fan Fiction author’s own little Frankenstein.

However, when people talk about writing Fan Fiction, it’s in association with the term Fangirl(boy), and there tends to be a negative cloud hanging over it. The first thing that can come to mind is the mental image of a thirteen year old girl fangirling – which can involve overreacting by crying, screaming, flailing arms, when texting the use of the oh so popular ‘sjdshjgsh’ and the use of the term, ‘feels’ – over the most popular boy band of that time period. It’s been seen time after time with groups like The Beetles, Queen, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, One Direction, and currently, BTS.

But what does this have to do with Fan Fiction?

Absolutely, everything.

Fan Fiction is written by the Fans of the desired boy band. It is not just thirteen year old girls writing love stories about their favorite band member – although that is common – but it can be anyone. A Fan Fiction writer can be someone in their thirties, it can be a guy, it can be a parent, a teacher, doctor. And it’s not just limited to music, but popular TV shows like Supernatural and Doctor Who, the bestselling novels Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t free from the clutches of Fan Fiction.

We are everywhere.

But because of that mental image of the thirteen year old girl going crazy over her favorite band, that is more often than not the common thought of what a Fan is and because of that, it’s become shameful to admit that you write Fan Fiction.

There’s the stigma that we’re obsessed, that we don’t have a life outside of it, that we’re not original with our ideas. We’re told that we’ll grow out of it and when we don’t, we’re seen as creepy and weirdo for liking it. So we keep it a secret and tell no one about it.

And that is complete, bullshit.

As Fan Fiction writers, we are just as creative and have original ideas and content just like regular authors. All that we’re doing different – besides being unable to make money off it, but that’s a different post for another day – is combining our love of writing, with our love of our Fandom,

So let’s not be ashamed of saying it. Let’s stop feeling guilty for admitting that we write Fan Fiction because other people might think it’s odd. I’ll go first:

My name is Lindsay, I am twenty one year old Fangirl, and I write Fan Fiction within the Kpop Fandom. Which for those of you who aren’t familiar with that term, Kpop is Korean Pop Music.

Most importantly, I am proud of being a Fan Fiction author.

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Who, Me?

Lindsay – Dreamer – Virgo – Kpop Fan Fiction Writer – Author – BTS Rap Line Bias – College Student – Gardner- Anime Nerd – Makeup Junkie – Coffee Lover

If you ever want to check out my writing, I run a blog over on Tumblr that you are more than free to check out and spend time procrastinating on, or if just want to sneak a peak at my writing, you can see what I have upcoming and click on the specific member that you want to read more about and select from there.

And for some reason you want to follow me, Instagram is the best way to find my latest selfies and poetry among various other things.

Kpop Groups I 100% Stan:

  • BTS
  • EXO

Various Other Kpop Groups that I love:

  • Monsta X
  • A.C.E
  • NCT 127
  • Got7
  • NCT U
  • NCT WayV
  • Stray Kids
  • Seventeen
  • D-Crunch
  • Oneus
  • The Rose
  • Jessi

Hope y’all enjoy my blog and don’t forget to stay tuned for more posts coming your way.

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